Private Daniel Hanvey

Private Daniel Hanvey,
19th Battalion Manchester Regiment

The Grandfather of Parishioner Anne Feeley, Daniel was born in Manchester in 1891. He enlisted on 4th January 1915 at the age of 24 having married Anne’s Grandmother (Catherine) only four days before on the 30th December. After 10 months in England Daniel was posted with his Battalion to France arriving on 8th November. The Battalion was involved in Trench warfare for much of 1916. On the 27th July Daniel was wounded in the neck in the Battle for Guillemont and returned to the UK for hospital treatment, which he received at Leith War Hospital.

By November Daniel was passed fit for duty. He rejoined his Battalion on 28 March 1917 and was soon back to action. On the 29th April 1918 he was taken prisoner and was a Prisoner of War until repatriated on 18th December. He was demobilised on 19th March 1919.

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