Fredrick Roberts

Frederick Arthur Roberts
(1900 – 1962)

Parishioner Peter Robert’s father, Frederick Arthur Roberts, who worshipped at St John’s from 1953 – to 1962, was born on 20th October, 1900.
During World War One, this young man attempted to enlist (underage) at the Newton Heath recruiting office. History does not relate whether he lied about his age, as did so many, or, being an honest lad, he gave his true age. Whichever was the case, the result was the same: he was ejected from the office.
When he became of age for service on 20th October 1918, he once again attempted to enlist for service and this time was successful. He volunteered for and was accepted by, the Royal Navy and was sent for initial training at Penge in London.
It is believed that he would have served on a minesweeper; however, some three weeks after he joined the Armistice was signed, hostilities ceased and young Fred, together with his colleagues in training, was summarily demobbed and sent home, without having gone to sea.

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