John Brantingham

Private John Brantingham
7th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers

John Brantingham, Grandfather of Parishioner John Vaughan, who was born in Salford in 1888. As a child he must have had a hard life as he is recorded as having lived in a workhouse. John recalls that he used to talk of this as if it was a hospital. He enlisted in the 7th Lancashire Fusiliers on 4th November 1915 aged 27. On 4th May 1916 the Regiment landed in Egypt and was soon in action against the Turkish Army.

John was only in Egypt for a short time before he developed a serious eye disease. It is uncertain whether this was due to enemy action. However the condition was so serious he returned to the UK on 26th October 1916 on H M Hospital Ship ‘Grantully Castle’.

After a period in Army hospitals, including The Royal Chelsea Hospital John was awarded an Army Class P pension on 16th March 1917 on the grounds he was no longer fit for Army service. He was finally discharged on 17 July 1918.

He went on to live with the family until his early eighties a good age given his hard life. He worked as a stage hand in Music Halls including the Ardwick Empire and he told many more stories of seeing the greats of the Music Hall Age than of his earlier experiences.

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