Kathleen May Pilling

Nurse Kathleen May Pilling

Kathleen was born in Stretford in 1898, and was the daughter of Thomas Pilling and his wife Edith and Mother in Law of parishioner Jane Allen.
She had an older brother Stuart who was born in 1894, and was killed in action on 4th June 1915. Kathleen was a volunteer nurse at the Victoria Hospital Sretford). This hospital was one of 9,000 auxiliary hospitals established in WW1. For her services Kathleen was awarded the British Red Cross Society Medal. She married Thomas William Allen, Jane’s father in law, in 1922.
British Red Cross Society Medal For War Service

The medal was instituted in 1920 and was awarded to members of the British Red Cross Society or its Voluntary Aid Detachments who served in the U.K. during the period 4 August 1914 to 31 December 1919 and were therefore not eligible for British military medals and who had undertaken at least a thousand hours of unpaid service or had been ambulance drivers and stretcher bearers who had given at least 500 hours of unpaid service.

Throughout World War I, Red Cross volunteers worked in hospitals, convalescent homes, rest stations, packing centres, medical supply depots and work parties. The Society also supplied motorised ambulances to battlefields and set up centres for the wounded in France.

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